10 major pointers for developing

fluency in English speaking

Updated on August 2021

Speaking fluent and error free English is a major communicative advantage in the modern era. It gives self-confidence in expressing oneself in front of people from diverse backgrounds, because English is the most common foreign language. The ability to speak good English is therefore seen as a prerequisite for successful communication at different stages of life.

However this fluency isn’t built overnight, so don’t worry if you feel you stand far from your destination. Practice makes perfect, so practising English speaking is the easiest and the most important step for attaining the desired fluency, even if we start as a beginner. But what exactly does practice here consist of? Practising involves activities and sources that expose you to the language so as to improve your skills quickly.

Here are ten fun and everyday English language practices you can indulge in to enhance your spoken English:

Speaking is the foundation stone

If you feel it is bizarre to put speaking as the first step because that is what you need to learn, let us get your point clear. By speaking, we aren’t referring to very fluent and long speeches but short sentences to raise your confidence to start with. Trying to speak in English with as many people around you as possible is the stepping stone to get you across. While doing this, remain confident and don’t shy away from mistakes.

Inculcation of this habit will majorly improve your pronunciation and vocabulary over time.

Be a good listener

Yes, being an attentive listener will eventually help you become a good speaker. Listening to news bulletins, podcasts and songs in English helps enormously with the correct pronunciation of words.The more you listen, the more you learn new and uncommon expressions every day!

English Speaking
By Wynzel

Watch fun and educative films

Watch movies in English including those of animated and educational categories to learn new words. If the accent sounds difficult to understand, always switch to the subtitles option and pay attention to new vocabulary and pronunciation simultaneously. It may interest you to know that many non-native speakers learn fluent English entirely by watching movies only. Who knew a casual leisure time activity could be so beneficial.

Use technology

Most of us today have a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Why not make use of these powerful technological tools for learning languages? Install apps and browse on platforms that improve your language skills in the comfort of your home. Use a recorder to record yourself speaking then listen back to see how it sounds in terms of grammar and pronunciation.

Indulge in fun activities in English

Taking up online fun activities like a cooking or craft course, a competition, or a book club are some of the best ways to learn English online! You won’t even realise when these enjoyable activities would turn into an enhanced learning environment. Using English to participate in things you enjoy will make practising a positive experience.

Reading aloud

A read aloud session with yourself or with family members, will boost your confidence in speaking even though it requires using a ready script such as a newspaper article or a magazine story. This is a great way to practice pronunciation because you just need to concentrate on how your English sounds and need not worry about sentence structure or grammar.

Learn and use a word every day

Choose at least one new word to work on and place it in different sentences. Use the word until you have learnt the actual meaning of it and keep using it regularly in your daily communication to improve your verbal as well as written skills.

Once Upon a Time - English
By Lamya

Participate in debates and declamations

Try to participate in as many elocution events as possible in your school and college life or indulge in a healthy debate over a topic with friends in English. Present your ideas in an elaborate and confident way and listen to the arguments presented by others carefully so you can learn from each others’ experiences.

Befriend a dictionary

Online or printed, a dictionary is the ultimate source of learning a language. Online dictionaries come with audio pronunciation and there are lots of such apps that you can take everywhere with you on your smartphone. But don’t forget to pick up words from your real surroundings. Try this trick of saying the words first then checking afterwards to see if you were right! If you get it correct in the first go, you really are attentive to your learning sources.

Join online English speaking classes

If you are the one who learns most in an interactive session alongside a small circle of your age group, an online speaking class is your best place. Here you can interact and make friends with fellow students who are here for the same purpose. Talk about things that you have learnt and exchange ideas in an environment conducive to your learning with SwitchED English speaking classes. For class details visit English Speaking By Wynzel

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