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Updated on August 2021

Maintaining physical health should be a priority in every age, including that of your young kids. Starting early with set fitness goals, is a long term investment in good health. But by that we don’t mean sending your kids to gyms. For an age so tender, a workout should be fun and enjoyable apart from providing health benefits. A physical activity such as dance, outdoor sports, martial arts, etc. serves the purpose just right.

However, an ongoing pandemic certainly isn’t the right time to step out, especially for your delicate young one. So is there a solution? Yes, there is! When each and every field of learning is shifting on an online platform, why should fitness be left behind? The technological advancements of today have covered all the learning areas and fortunately there is a lot of scope for your child’s fitness.

Online fitness classes for kids are highly competitive with those offline and can provide the following benefits for your kids:

Ease of Access

Online fitness classes for children offer an ease of access to training and learning videos and live sessions from the comfort of one’s home. It provides the flexibility of working out anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. It is especially beneficial for those who want personal attention from their coaches and are reluctant to join big groups.

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Encouraging environment

If your kid is new to exercise, and you aren't sure what types of exercise they like, or they feel intimidated when walking into a new workout environment, online training is an excellent reprieve from the traditional learning class. It provides an encouraging environment to instill a liking for physical activities along with one-on-one guidance from the experts.

Strengthening muscles and bones

Since kids are in their growing years, an online fitness class guided by an expert will provide the right movements with the right amount of force to strengthen their muscles and bones and reduce injuries related consequences and afflictions. A suitable physical stress makes muscles and bones grow stronger with age. Kids who exercise regularly reach greater peak bone density with lesser risk of losing bone mass and density when they advance to later stages of life, as compared to those who don’t.

Broad Offerings

An online fitness program or platform gives a wide range of physical activities to choose from according to your child’s interest. The focus of an online fitness class is to bring out your child’s fitness objectives and align them with their field of interest. With this your child will not only become physically fit, but enjoy the time dedicated to it completely.

Improving overall health

Just like an offline class and online session can help you achieve better health and overall fitness. Learning various exercise forms online will help target and strengthen every part of the body like heart, lungs, core muscles, etc by providing energy and improving blood circulation to these areas. In addition to this it will help in keeping your child’s weight under control and prevent obesity related ailments.

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Promoting emotional well-being

The long pandemic and compulsive quarantine period has made kids restless, impatient and frustrated, negatively impacting their emotional and mental health. In the wake of it, it has become even more crucial to keep the kids actively involved in an activity that calms their mind and provides a let-out for their brimming energies. A regular indulgence will promote the emotional well being of your kids and ultimately make you happy seeing them happy and cheerful.

How does SwitchED help in maintaining the agility of your kids?

SwitchED, the online learning platform provides interactive live sessions in the field of fitness with activities including dance, yoga, martial arts and football. Each of our sessions is guided by a professional coach or trainer who understands your kid’s calibre and works on honing them in small groups with individual attention. With our online sessions fun and fitness go hand in hand! Visit to know more!

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