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Updated on November 2021

Story writing is an art, which involves the skills needed for creating an appealing masterpiece that appeals to all. Just like many other inborn talents, some children are blessed with higher imagination and a knack for storytelling. As parents, it is your prerogative to make sure that this talent is guided on the right path.

If your kid has a knack for storytelling or aspires to be a writer in the future, it is imperative to divert their energy towards the best online creative writing courses,where they can learn to express their thoughts into written words.

We at Switched offer various creative writing courses for kids where they can learn to write short stories to start with and go on to improve their writing skills with the correct guidance of our mentors. However let’s first know the possible advantages that these classes can provide.

Creative Writing Masterclass for 15+
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Benefits of enrolling your kids into a story writing online course:

1. Acquiring talent like a pro

Even if writing comes naturally to your kid, there is always room for improvement. A writing class will supplement their talent with a necessary understanding of literary theory and writing techniques, with loads of helpful tips and tricks that can be later put into practice. Besides, in every artistic field, raw talent on its own is never enough and polishing your vocabulary and grammar a bit is always helpful for the future.

2. Meeting students With Common Interests

Learning creative Writing along with others who have similar interests is always rewarding, and makes a change from the usual experience of writing as a solitary activity. Networking in the writing field is always encouraged due to the exchange of different ideas and emotions. These connections might prove beneficial in the future as readers, collaborators, or friends who can offer help in the publishing industry.

3. Writing Develops Creativity

When any student in a class shares their own writing with the rest of the students, it leads to exchange of ideas and an honest feedback from the fellowates and the teachers on your progress as a writer. Kids can be moulded easily at an early age, so this feedback will come handy for their future preparation.

Improve Your Creative Writing Skills
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4. Establishes Routine

Creative writing classes help to inculcate a habit of writing among the kids, so that their creativity gets enhanced with time. Also, as they make more time to write, it will be easier in future to maintain a regular writing schedule. So, story writing classes can help them develop discipline and a routine which any good and prolific writer needs.

5. Helps to adhere to Deadlines

When kids learn to deliver their writing assignments on time, it improves their ability to meet strict deadlines, which is crucial if they want to sign a contract with a traditional publishing house in the future. In any and every way, a writing class will help kids overcome the fear and anxiety over a possible deadline and be taught about delivering their work within a set time frame.

6. Learning from Experiences of others

The creative writing courses are tutored by experienced teachers who will offer helpful advice and constructive criticism to your kids, that will help to correct common mistakes and develop a personal style. These educators have vast and rich experience in their respective fields and can help your kids majorly improve their overall writing skills.

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