Digital Painting Courses
For Beginners and Advanced levels

Updated on November 2021

Painting is the most beautiful wing of art which depicts an artist’s view of his surroundings and inspirations drawn and finished with different color palettes on a canvas. Painting as an art created many masterpieces by some famous artists in history, whose work is still recognized and cherished around the world.

With advancement in technology, even painting shifted from a hand drawn sketch on paper to a new mode known as “Digital painting”. Digital painting is the new norm for creating entertainment art including animations, comics, characters, or concept art. It is fast becoming a necessary learning base to create the art of the future.

This digital art form involves learning to paint on software (like Photoshop) and drawing/painting on a digital platform or app that offers great learning features for the same- like step-by-step instruction videos where you can watch a professional work in real time and Q&A sessions or mentorships to help improve your skills faster.

Certain online art platforms that can be a great source of digital learning have been listed as follows:

Art Exploration for Toddlers
By Tasneem

Digital Painting Studio

If you are looking for a career in concept art, game art, or character design, then Digital Painting Studio is where you can start. It comes with a monthly subscription plan to access online training from absolute basics of art to specializations like creatures and characters. The membership also has a 30-day return policy so you can try it out, and if the courses just don’t fit your goals you can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund.


Paintable offers an online Digital Painting Academy that features structured video lessons that provide professional teaching and a monthly subscription model for full access to the library of video courses focusing on digital painting. Also features dozens of exercise files, live workshops,Q&A sessions and custom cheat sheets. Whether you kids want to draw cartoons, create movies, video games, or just paint for fun, this site has everything one needs to get started.


Master the craft of digital painting with 21-Draw that covers many courses that focus on digital painting. They cover topics like gesture, character design and creature concept work. There are a few free preview videos to get an idea about digital painting and illustration. These videos are much suited for beginners with a Masterclass access to every course. With this you can create comics, concept art, visual development stuff,etc.

Young Rembrandts Drawing & Animated
By Rachna & Puja

Pencil Kings: Digital Painting for Beginner Artists

Pencil Kings online community is dedicated to help kids improve as an artist by sharing tips, suggestions and critical feedback on work. They also have a huge library of videos on many topics like illustration, portraits, and concept art. Your kids will learn how to use brushes in Photoshop, how to work with layers, and more professional tips for easy coloring. This course is by far the best one for beginners jumping into the world of digital painting.

There are many more platforms for such amazing learning experiences and the list is quite exhaustive. Digital online art classes open many opportunities for art and painting lovers and getting ready for the technological future is a cherry on the cake!

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