Do your kids struggle

to speak and write in Hindi?

Updated on September 2021

Hindi is an ancient language that derives its origin from Sanskrit, and had a tremendous impact on world history as a meaningful language across several parts of the world. It is a language mainly associated with the Indian subcontinent and has a day dedicated to it and celebrated annually on 14th September as Hindi Diwas, to signify the importance of the language in India and the rest of the world.

Though being the national language of our nation, Hindi is losing importance in the eyes of the current generation due to western influence and a compulsive shift towards English medium education, which has sidelined Hindi as a secondary and optional subject. Also it is facing tough competition from the regional state languages that are given preference as a second language to be learnt at school, after English.

While English is a lingua franca and crucial to learn to be able to communicate with people around the globe, a national language is equally essential to be able to communicate within one’s home country. Hindi is one of the most common languages spoken in India, especially in the northern part of the country, and is also thriving in the Western, Eastern and Southern states, thanks to the growing influence of Bollywood. Hindi is also one of the seven languages used to create web addresses on the Internet. Being able to read and write in Hindi is essential to uncover the glorious past and understand the old scriptures.

Hindi Ka Gyan
By Priyanka

But even after all this, people today are struggling to both speak and write in Hindi language, due to lack of proper exposure. Schools are now placing focus on learning more foereign languages like French, Spanish, etc. rather than giving impetus to Hindi. As a result the children are facing communication issues while conversing with people around them who only speak in Hindi. Since Hindi learning is significantly reduced in the school curriculum, the distressed parents have no choice but to resort to hindi education online by searching for the best teaching sites in India.

If your child is facing the same issue, you ought to expose them to Hindi learning on SwitchED’s online language class. To suit your child's calibre and needs, SwitchED is offering various classes guided by experts in the language to enhance their Hindi speaking and writing skills. The sessions offered include:

Hindi Ka Gyan

This class is recommended for the age group of 5 to 10 yrs and will help the students to improve their Hindi language and culture knowledge, through all mediums – reading, writing, and speaking. The educator Ms. Priyanka is a Hindi language teacher with Masters from Delhi University and encourages holistic conversation during the class by teaching grammar concepts, conducting grade assessments and monitoring progress during the course with proper feedback.

Hindi Classes (Beginners)

Recommended for children aged between 5-15 years, this 1 hour class will start with teaching beginners basic HINDI by including vowels and consonants, word making, numbers, days of the week and then move to sentence creation, grammar and reading. The educator Ms. Anushree is a very well established Hindi teacher with over 30 years of experience who aims to equip children with all the things required for daily Hindi speaking and making them conversant in this language as per individual student expectations and levels.

Hindi Classes (Intermediate)

This class also for ages 5 to 15 yrs is an advanced version which will cater to children who already have some knowledge of speaking and writing basic Hindi. It is a level up from the beginners class and will include advanced sentence creation, grammar, and reading. It will improve the kids’ level of proficiency in reading and writing Hindi. Each session will be an hour long. It will be mentored by educator Ms. Anushree, a very well established Hindi teacher with over 30 years of experience in teaching the language. She has experienced teaching across all ages- ranging from young children to adults.

Aao Hindi Sikhen
By Sarvjeet

Aao Hindi Sikhen

This is a comprehensive course in the Hindi language for beginners/advanced level in age group 10 to 15 years. The lessons are professionally designed to explain the basics of Hindi grammar with simple examples, build sufficient vocabulary for day-to-day conversations, Greetings, and writing skills.

The class will be conducted by Ms. Sarvjeet who has done M.A Hindi, Political Science & B.Ed and has been a high school Hindi teacher for more than 10 years in Delhi’s private school. She is a creative person who prefers teaching interactively, with an exam oriented approach towards it. She takes extra efforts for children who shy away from learning Hindi, to get them interested in the subject.

Hindi Learning Made Easy

The class is a fine blend of teacher-driven and student-centered styles of teaching. It is recommended for age groups 5 to 15 years with the approach to instill confidence in speaking, writing, and conversing in Hindi using the building blocks of grammar, phonetics, and narratives. The educator Radhika has teaching experience of 30 years, having taught at the prestigious Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai and aims to develop a curriculum best suited to the needs of the students to make learning dynamic, motivating, and enjoyable.

She has graduated with a double Bachelors degree in Arts and Education and holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education. Her patient style and engaging manner has helped countless students master their hold on the language.

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