Educational Online Games and

their benefits for Children

Updated on August 2021

Since social distancing and quarantine have become the new norm, parents everywhere are facing the wrath of their overactive kids who are difficult to handle at home. Growing kids constantly need an outlet for their energies in the form of activities that are interesting enough to have them engrossed. In this regard, one can simply argue that online games are the best source to keep the kids busy without fussing around. However, the importance of simultaneous learning cannot be ignored as children today do not have access to a separate school curriculum to learn. With everything shifting online, the whole concept of imparting knowledge has been revised and everything is now seen with the perspective of educational utility.

Before the onset of the pandemic, allowing kids to play online games was a topic of controversy for parents; but the situation went beyond their control in the past one year when they had no option but to let the kids be on their own. However, just like other areas, online gaming has evolved and learning has been attached to these games, much to everyone’s surprise.

Online learning cannot compete with the balanced classroom curriculum so making the learning fun and inspiring was a challenge that has been taken up successfully by the developers of educational games online. Involvement in such online games will not only give opportunities for kids to practice core skills, but also give parents the much needed relief and space they require to fulfil their daily duties.

Benefits of online games

Online games offer a range of benefits for kids such as developing social skills virtually, increasing the ability to understand and operate technology, increasing emotional intellect, and improving academic performances. Some of the well explained benefits of online educational games include:

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1. Raising Confidence level

When Children achieve success in completing a puzzle or a game level with their own intellect, it raises their confidence and instills a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in them. These skills help them face challenges in real life and teach them how to overcome those with self belief.

2. Enhanced social skills

When children engage in online games that involve playing with other children as their competitors, they get to know and interact with kids from other areas of the world, enhancing their social interaction skills and knowledge of different cultures.

3. Increased cooperation

The next advantage of playing games with other players is the development of coordination and cooperation in a team. Kids who play multiplayer/team games get to know the importance of team structure and helping other team mates in achieving the same target. This sense of healthy cooperation is a life skill that will help them perform better in the real world.

4. Exercise for brain

Educational or learning focused games challenge the players to use their analytical and motor skills to combat the difficulty in various levels. It significantly increases the intellectual power of the individual who plays it. These games are also referred to as “logic” games which are a great way of polishing one’s brain. Games like “Super Text Twist”, “Bejeweled”, “Jewel Quest”, “Mah Jong” and “Collapse” all challenge the mind of a child.

5. Ability to multitask and manage time

Certain time management Online games such as Cake mania, Diner dash, etc. help kids to learn how to multitask in a restricted time frame. These games help children set their priorities in tasks and align everything in a coherent manner.

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Here’s a list of top free productive and educational games available online that promote learning in a virtual setup:

  • Scholastic Learn at Home Scholastic has been a big favorite among teachers and students for always being in the forefront of making education a fun learning experience. Their website contains games developed with learning objectives in mind and custom made for children from preschool age to pre teens.
  • CBeebies This programming site from the British Broadcasting Corporation is also a channel on dish operators that you can access on your television. The activities are designed for kids in the initial stage of learning and includes animated characters to teach numbers, letters, poems, etc.
  • Disney’s fun learning zone Always a favorite brand with kids, disney has dedicatedly worked to cater needs of children in every way and their learning inspired games like escape games and challenges that make use of logic and understanding power.
  • Boomerang TV This website's game collection features characters from top kids movies like Boss Baby and Puss In Boots to arouse the kids’ interest and include Matching games, trivia games, and cooking activities that make learning exciting and amusing.
  • Funbrain This site has lots to offer in the name of educational yet fun games that include games like tinybop mammals that educate about the lives and living styles of different animals and games that trigger the user’s brain to overcome obstacles to solve mathematical problems.
  • National Geographic Kids This world’s leading educational site has created many games that will impart knowledge with puzzles, geographical and animal topics and environment related subjects.
  • Airport Manager For kids who are in their preteen and teenage years, an advanced game with sophisticated level techniques like this will help in learning real life management skills and tips, giving insights of a busy airport and its working.

These are just a few to name in the vast ocean of educational games available on different websites. All these sites make sure that the games listed on them are reviewed in terms of safety and modesty in accordance with the kids’ age groups, so the parents can be relieved of any security concerns that come with online playing platforms.

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