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Updated on September 2021

Online learning is the futuristic mode of learning. Not only has it served a good purpose in the ongoing pandemic, but has also been there for many years in situations where online platforms are the only option. Distance learning is a perfect example of it. While distance education was initially for college and university students, online classes are now available and beneficial for kids as young as preschool age.

If your kid has grown past his toddlers years and is planning to put them in a school soon but can’t predict its possibility in the current Covid situation, pre nursery online classes are the viable alternatives to start with. Our web based learning platform, SwitchED, offers a variety of online preschool classes that will not just save your child’s precious year from being wasted at home, but also make learning more interactive and long lasting.

Children are filled with curiosity and an active brain that drives learning at each step, and the things learnt at this stage remain with them during their entire life.To make this foundation as strong as possible our classes focus on situations faced by the kids in their routine life and the appropriate things to begin their learning journey with.

Play and Learn
By The Study School

Following are the classes offered by SwitchED for your preschoolers and newly admitted nursery and primary kids:

1. Play and Learn By The Study School

The curriculum in this class empowers young minds to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions at an early age, and equips them with school readiness skills. Our sessions follow a play-based approach integrated with the school curriculum to provide a personalized and purposeful relevant system. The class covers learning through written and illustrated stories from famous children’s authors.

Our educators are highly qualified to teach different skills including critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication through physical and visually structured programs. The class is recommended for age groups 2-5 years.

2. Interactive Storytelling

This class covers educational and interactive activities for learning various subjects such as Maths, Hindi, Arts, and English. The aim is to make the kids learn vocabulary and use it in different ways to ensure learning. Kids grasp things quickly if they are narrated in the form of a story as it stimulates an interest in listening to the speaker. With this same approach we have designed our classes to make them interesting enough to grab the kids’ attention and maintain it.

The class will be headed by educator Ms. Parul, a qualified professional who has served as a Montessori and Primary Teacher at various schools in New Delhi and Mumbai. The class enrolls kids between 2-6 years of age.

3. Phonics Reading & Writing By HARSHA

Phonics Is the best multisensory system to teach young children the skills required to read and write fluently and quickly. Phonics uses the technique of correlating sounds, symbols, actions, formatinos, songs and stories to imbibe learning in an entertaining way. By attending this class your child will be able to understand and identify letter sounds, matching sounds with alphabets with help of activities and worksheets. The educator Ms. Harsha is a certified Vedic maths and phonics teacher who strives to make each class lively and interactive with storytelling, songs and fun filled games. The class is recommended for kids between 4-8 years of age.

Interactive Story Telling
By Parul

4. Little Sparks By Viniita

This class covers the 44 different phonic sounds by blending them with reading and writing activities. The entire course covers mastering these sounds and the learning speed and level of each child is evaluated from time to time. The session includes game playing as a part of a fun and interactive class, with educator Ms. Viniita, a certified phonics teacher.

The course provides coverage on:

  • Jolly phonic sounds with action.
  • Sound of the day with a story related to the sound.
  • Writing
  • Tricky words
  • Read a story ( Video or Book)
  • Concept
  • Discussing Homework worksheets

The session is of a little advanced level, so the recommended age group is 4-8 years.

5. Learners Den By Anusha

In this class, children can learn about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING around them by being placed in an invigorating and stimulating environment. This is an online enrichment class intended to keep the love for learning intact through activities and experiences planned by facilitators associated with the field of early education.

The course focuses on activities that enable and enhance the development of language, math and cognitive skills and abilities along with many creative and brain tickling moments with rhymes, concept, art and craft workshops and many hands-on activities. Conversations and interactions through games and activities motivate the children to express their emotions.

To keep the interest alive, the theme of the class changes every 4 weeks. The themes can range from cars to clothes, from flowers to furniture, from seasons to dinosaurs!! During each session, the children will talk, sing, express, listen, count and have many ‘eureka’ moments with our experienced tutors. The class is offered for children from 2.5-4.5 years of age.

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