Get To Know All About Virtual Classrooms

Updated on October 2021

In less than a decade or two, the vast network of web connected computers, internet, social media, cloud computing and other emerging technologies have totally changed how we see education and training.

Another innovation that makes the combined use of these four technologies to deliver an unparalleled learning experience is none other than a Virtual classroom.

The online learning platforms are tools that play an essential role in helping educators and trainers provide best education through face-to-face interaction and live classroom experience anywhere and anytime.

Introduction to Shakespeare Club
By Priya

In an e class online Teachers and learners can -

  • Participate in live sessions
  • Communicate one on one with each other
  • Hold discussions over videos or presentations
  • Learn using the whiteboard feature
  • Connect with each other from across the globe

All these features make education and training highly accessible to anyone who wants to receive the benefit of high-qualified instructors from the best online learning platforms, with just an electronic device, an active Internet connection, and a user account on the platform.

Mathematics Class
By Azka

Learning online has many more advantages such as:

Reduced Costs

Since there is no need for transportation to a learning centre, online classes drastically reduce these costs. Virtual classrooms can also save money on expenses related to staffing, production of books and other materials and the need to occupy physical classroom space.


Virtual classrooms are quite flexible in terms of time and place. They can be conducted out of fixed schedules and from any place convenient and suitable, just by fulfilling the basic requirements of an internet connection.

Various online courses for kids

Virtual classrooms make it possible to enrol for more than one course at a time since one doesn't have to take the kids to different places. In today's competitive world parent seek to impart various skills to their kids and online learning makes it possible and easy.

Interactive sessions

Virtual classrooms are interactive, immersive, technology-driven and student centered. They make the learning process creative and engaging with live instructions.

Easy follow up

The option to record, review and build an archive makes it easy for students to understand the lectures in case they miss the class or are unable to grasp a topic at that time. This feature is not applicable in a physical classroom. It helps improve learner performance.

Prompt evaluation and feedback Virtual classrooms make grading easy for teachers with helpful tools so that they can easily give feedback on kids' performance. This helps track the individual abilities and progress of various students.

Benefits such as these are a great illustration of the power of online learning — and the tremendous value a virtual classroom provides in terms of delivering online instruction.

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