Why Are Ballet Classes Good For Kids

Updated on August 2021

Whether taken virtually or in a live session, dance classes always leave positive impacts on a child's overall well being by nurturing a child’s internal talent and creativity and improving their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Every parent wants their agile kids to learn and grow in the best possible manner even during the pandemic and an online kids dance class is the apt way to release a child’s energy and excitement. An expert guided kids’ online dance class will keep them active and happy in a quarantined environment.

However, when it comes to choosing the appropriate dance form, not much thought is given to this beautiful dance style known as “Ballet”, which has been overshadowed by the recent favourite dance forms like hip-hop, contemporary, salsa, jazz, bollywood style, etc.

Ballet is a dance form native to Italy, but was widely performed in France and Russia during the Renaissance period for its unique concept of expressing with music, without words. Ballet, as a dance style, is awe inspiring for the spectators by the way the dancers move gracefully and effortlessly across the stage. It leaves the audience wondering how they perform the lifts at toe points.

Bolly - Western Dance Beginner's Class
By Shreya

Benefits of online Ballet class for kids

Classical ballet may not be the first choice of parents to enrol their kids into, but it comes with advantages that are applaudable. To begin with, ballet helps with other dance forms that you may like for your child because it not only instils flexibility, but also a sense of discipline required in any art form including acting, dancing and sports. With the advancement of technology, even something as meticulous as Ballet has now become a part of online enrichment classes.

Ballet dancing can begin at an age as young as preschool years and aids the following remarkable upliftment in a child’s overall personality:

1. Updated Vocabulary

Ballet classes improve a taker’s vocabulary by introducing them to a world of new words. With words ranging from the human body parts like shoulders, head, toes, knees, tummy to the words related to movements of these parts like stretch, twist, turn, bend or wiggle, a ballet class is surely among the best places to learn unheard vocabulary, especially for toddlers who are just to step into the world of education.

2. Improved Flexibility

Just like any other dance form ballet focuses on building and maintaining the body's flexibility. The flawless movements and steps require a good level of stretching ability which is built slowly and safely with time by Ballet instructors through different exercises like butterfly stretch, straddle stretch and pike stretch.

3. Increased Stamina and balance

Ballet is a full fledged exercise which induces strength and vigour in the muscles by slowly and steadily improving the stamina one needs to be able to hold and perform the elegant ballet poses stably. It also helps to maintain a good body balance and motion control. The strength and flexibility gained through ballet dance class will help your child stay healthy internally and externally and build the foundation of a physically active lifestyle.

Bolly - Western Dance Class
By Shreya

4. Inculcating Discipline

A ballet instructor is just like any other teacher who has the authority of giving out instructions. When your kids learn to listen and imbibe those instructions it inclucates a great sense of discipline and self-control. Dance is a discipline which has its own rules for learners and taking commands in an enjoyable environment makes it an even better learning thing. Through a ballet class a child learns to share space with others and wait patiently for their turn. This attitude of sharing and team coordination are the qualities of a good leader, that your child can be in the future.

5. Increased Self-Confidence

Practising dance daily in a group builds up confidence and makes a child comfortable while performing in front of a crowd. This essentially removes their stage fear, inhibitions and shyness and instills a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Being praised for performing better also leads to positive reinforcement.

Having listed some of the wonderful benefits of ballet as a dance form, we hope that parents will see it as a suitable option for their children.

During a child’s initial growing stage it is easier for them to learn new things as they adapt more quickly to a new environment. So, introducing them to ballet at an early age, will reap the most benefits, just like it stands true for any other activity- the earlier, the better!

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