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Updated on October 2021

The interest in learning different languages (other than one’s mother tongue and regional language) is fast picking pace among the current generation. The globalisation factor was the prime reason for this trend that began a few decades back, as people wanted to seize the opportunity of travelling to different places for study and business. Initially it was seen as a necessity to be able to easily communicate with the people of the country you are visiting, but now this has become a passion driven by enthusiasm to learn multiple languages.

Being able to communicate in a foreign language when in a foreign nation, definitely holds a greater advantage than not knowing the language of that place. But one can not learn the language of each and every nation, so there are certain languages which are collectively spoken by many countries making them emerging global languages.

If you are looking for online language courses or online language learning classes for your kids to impart them the knowledge of a foreign language, Switched is the best interactive language learning platform to end your search at! Online is the best place to learn different languages from the comfort of one’s home and if one wants to utilise the free time in the best possible way.

Mandarin Chinese Language
By Simran

Want to know what makes Switched the best language learning portal?

Well, it’s the range of classes that we have to offer in multiple foreign languages that spoils you for choice. The languages for which Switched is conducting active sessions are:


Arabic is an ancient and much loved foreign language spoken in different dialects in almost 25 nations around the globe. Available for age groups beginning 4 years and going upto 25 years, Switched Arabic course is not just for kids but adults too who have an interest in learning Arabic. There are different sessions that cover all aspects of the language including reading, writing and conversation.
For beginners, the classes start with short and simple words and sentences and the level is increased slowly as per the progress. It is a certificate course which not only improves the public speaking skills and grammar but also imparts a good command over the Arabic language.


Known as the national language of India and an ancient transcript derived from age-old language sanskrit, Hindi is spoken by millions across the country irrespective of their regional differences. It is the language that binds the nation together. This particular attribute has made it popular among foreigners who visit the country as tourists.
If your child too has a keen bent towards Hindi, Switched has to offer an exhaustive list of sessions for both beginners and intermediates between age group 5-15 years. The courses cover writing, reading, speaking by teaching basics of grammar, alphabets and structured sentences. The level of learning will go up with age and individual progress.

Mandarin chinese

For a language that’s rapidly becoming a sought after thing to learn due to the expanding economic power of China, Switched offers two different classes that cover Chinese speaking and writing through basic characters, introduction to common words, nursery rhymes, colours, animals, fruits, etc.
The classes are available for age group 4-14 yrs and one can choose to just learn speaking or enrol for a speaking as well as writing program for a better understanding of the language.

Learn French
By Rhea


Ola, Espanol! Cover the different aspects in our online Spanish classes including- Vocabulary, Feelings, Greetings, Colours, Alphabets, Numbers, Animals, days of the week, months, seasons, nouns, tenses, verbs, articles and more with our classes for ages 4-18 years for both beginners and intermediates. The learning is made fun and interactive with Conversations, Music, Games, Activities and Session revisions. The course touches both reading and writing modules.


French is the second most popular language after English that is deemed to be spoken by numerous countries. Knowing French is seen gives brownie points while going to study or settle abroad. For age groups 3- 18 yrs and beyond our French classes covering different areas of the language- Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are made learning enhanced and long lasting with familiar words, everyday expressions, basic phrases, poems, songs, short episodes, language movies, etc. The vocabulary and grammar is taught depending on the age group. By the end of the course students will be able to talk about their family, hobbies, food, numbers, greetings, farewells, etc. in Spanish.


Last but not the least, English, the lingua franca, is the most loved and highly recommended doreign language for a bright future. If you are sourcing an online English course for your child, our English classes are the best way to enhance their hold over the language.
Our sessions aim to improve language skills, through vocabulary lists, playing word games, listening to podcasts, watching educational and authentic YouTube videos, and practicing with online exercises to gain the skills and confidence to communicate well in English, anywhere in the world.
The course has an added advantage of a certification that is recognized worldwide and is recommended for age group 4-18 yrs

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