Will French be

as necessary in the future as English?

Updated on August 2021

Once known to be a language just native to France, French has evolved as the fastest growing language in the world in the past few decades; with experts deeming it to become the most spoken language on the planet, after English. Currently around 75 million people in the world speak French as a first language, but this figure is expected to reach 750 million by 2050.

Reason behind French’s increasing popularity

The influence of French dates back to its history of being used as an official language of commerce, culture, diplomacy, literature and arts worldwide, for many centuries. Moreover, it is still an official language of many international organisations like the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, and the ICRC making it the third most useful language for business. With many top countries like Africa, Canada, America, Switzerland and others making French as a second official language, the popularity is bound to increase with the increase in population of these nations. Having knowledge of French language earns brownie points while applying for a permanent residency in certain countries, especially in the provinces where the majority of residents speak French.

According to recent studies, the top five French speaking countries are:

  • France
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • USA
  • Switzerland

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Apart from these the total number of French speaking nations stands at 53, making it clear that French isn’t just confined to France, but spreading its wings to top economies in the world.

Is French likely to replace English?

While French is a beautiful and fast growing language, there is no measure of its probability of replacing English in the future. The title of “lingua franca'' is still perceived to remain with English for its popularity in every single nation around the world, as the first foreign language after the respective native languages. But France’s growing trade exchange with luxury goods, fashion and cosmetics makes France a growing economy, thus raising the possibility for French as a language of the future. It is likely that French will stand at par with English, if not above. Future is not entirely predictable, but needless to say, it wouldn’t be wrong to be prepared for any challenge in advance.

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